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The Next Generation of Computing is here

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Next Level of Computers

So, here we are. The third generation of the SwishPC. Now, looking at the photos you’d be correct in thinking we’ve not changed the look and feel of the device itself. However, we’ve made a few important changes under the hood.

Software Changes

So, we’ve moved away from Windows 10/11 and gone to Windows Server 2022. Now you’re probably wondering why. It’s actually quite simple – the operating system won’t be physically on the device (there will of course be Windows 10 on the device itself). However, you’ll connect to a virtual desktop that has so many more features available.

Hardware Changes

By using a virtual desktop, we’re changing the way you think of your computer. A Chromebook for instance uses Google’s servers to store your data, apps, etc. The SwishPC Gen3 will utilise our sister company – SwishHost‘s servers to do everything. By doing this, we’re able to offer every user a dedicated graphics card, 500GB of storage space (for all those pictures, movies and documents you need) and more. To ensure a stable and reliable connection, we have had to remove WiFi features (so you’re going to need to plug the SwishPC directly in to your internet connection).

So why is it better than anything else?

Well, here’s where things get a little interesting. If you want premium software (Microsoft Office, Sage accounting, etc) – we are able to offer it at a much lower price because those licenses are per device and because we’re sharing the data over a larger group of people, we can lower the cost.

Furthermore, we charge per device and not per user. So, say you have a family of four, a office of 40 or it’s just you – when you buy the device, you can add as many users as you want to the device and everyone will get 500GB of storage (upgradeable to 1TB or even 2TB for a one time fee), dedicated graphics card and the software you purchase from us directly will be available to every single user that you add.


So, all in all – bang for buck – you’re getting a desktop pc that puts users first.